Girls Rookie Ball

2017 September Playoffs

Congratulations to Coach Neal Bach (Red Foxes) and Coach Tom Lipscomb (Green Gators) for leading their teams into an exciting 2018 Championship game. In a back and forth affair, the Foxes were able to pull off the victory in the bottom of the 5th and put away their 2nd consecutive RYBL Rookie championship. The Gators showed they deserved to be at the big game and gave the Foxes all they could handle with several spectacular plays, including an outfield assist from center field.

Congratulations to both teams for a great game and a great season!


Vinh Tran
Girls Rookie Convenor
********* UPDATE ROUND ROBIN COMPLETE **********

Semi-Final Playoff Matchups

Tues Sept 26, 2017 6pm at Lambton Kingsway: White Pandas (4th) at Red Foxes (1st)  28 – 30  Foxes in 4 innings
Thurs Sept 28, 2017 6pm at Lambton Kingsway: Black Mustangs (3rd) at Green Gators (2nd) 20 – 24 Gators   
Thurs Sept 28, 2017 6pm at Donald Russell: Yellow Lions (5th) at Blue Dolphins (6th)

Saturday Sept 30, 2017 Bronze Medal Game: White Pandas (4th) defeat Black Mustangs (3rd)  27 – 23
Saturday Sept 30, 2017 Gold Medal Game: Red Foxes (1st) defeat Green Gators (2nd)  35 -33 in 5 innings



Tues Sept 5 2017: Black Mustangs at White Pandas (25 – 24 ) +1
Thur Sept 7, 2017: Blue Dolphins at Yellow Lions (12 – 12) +0
Sat Sept 9, 2017: Green Gators at Black Mustangs (21 – 15) +6
Sat Sept 9, 2017: Yellow Lions at White Pandas (25 – 27) +2
Sat Sept 9, 2017: Blue Dolphins at Red Foxes (10 – 24) +7

Thur Sept 14, 2017: Green Gators at Blue Dolphins (25 – 15) +7
Thur Sept 14, 2017: White Pandas at Red Foxes (20 – 23) +3
Sat Sept 16, 2017: Blue Dolphins at Black Mustangs (19 – 21) +2
Sat Sept 16, 2017: Black Mustangs at Yellow Lions (23 – 20) + 3
Sat Sept 16, 2017: Red Foxes at Yellow Lions (25 – 14) + 7

Mon Sept 18, 2017: Red Foxes at Green Gators (26 – 18) +7
Tues Sept 19, 2017: Black Mustangs at Red Foxes (16 – 26) +7
Thur Sept 21, 2017: White Pandas at Green Gators (21 -25) +4
Sat Sept 23, 2017: White Pandas at Blue Dolphins (30 – 22) +7
Sat Sept 23, 2017: Yellow Lions at Green Gators (19 – 24) +5

Red Foxes 5 0 0 +31
Green Gators 4 1 0 +15
Black Mustangs 3 2 0 -7
White Pandas 2 3 0 +1
Yellow Lions 0 4 1 -17
Blue Dolphins 0 4 1 -23


Vinh Tran
Girls Rookie Convenor (Sept 23, 2017)



Rookie baseball is the first level where players receive a pitched ball from a controlled velocity pitching machine. Emphasis is placed on skills development (throwing, fielding, catching and hitting) as well as position play, baseball strategy, team play and FUN.

Season / Game Time

End of April to the end of June with play-offs in Sept. One game and one practice per week @ 6:00 pm. One game on Saturday morning. On April 30th, the Toronto Fusion Women’s team will be hosting a free skill development session for the girls rookie ball, details to follow.


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Girls Rookie All-Star Game Slideshow (June 11, 2016)


Age group:  For 2017 girls rookie ball will be for the girls born in 2007,2008,2009.  Girls that are older play Pee Wee or above.  Girls that are younger will play a co-ed T Ball or Blast ball as per their age.

Expected Schedule: This year, there will be (1) one set scheduled practice during the week (likely Monday, Wednesday, Friday or possibly Sunday) and (2) one or two scheduled games with one during the week (likely Tuesday or Thursday) and one on Saturday mornings.  The total number of girls registered will determine whether the Saturdays will alternate as well as the necessity for a Sunday practice slot. The season runs through May and June, with July and August off for the summer, and the playoffs resume the month of September.

Expected Timing of Games/Practices:  Weekday games and practices will usually commence at 6:30 pm and run 60-90 minutes in length at the discretion of the Coach. Saturday morning games will commence at 9am and usually run until approximately 10:45am.  Depending on final numbers or rescheduled games due to rainouts, some games and or practices may be rescheduled to 11am to 12:45 pm on Saturdays.

Practice Preference:  If you have a preference for a particular Practice day (for example a Monday, Wednesday, Friday or Sunday) please put that info into the comments section of your online registration and every effort will be made to accommodate your practice preference (although it cannot be guaranteed.)  Please note that “Practice Day Preference” will be given priority over “Play With” requests.  Unfortunately there is no available “preference” for “game days” as weekday games will alternate based on your child’s team and schedule.

Field Locations: At the present time it is anticipated that Girls Rookie Ball will play all practices and games at Lambton Kingsway South diamond.  If there is a problem with the field, an alternate field will be arranged with due notice.

Play-With Requests:  Please note that only “Reciprocal” Play-With Requests will be considered as per the Play-With policy on the RYBL Website.  This means that if your daughter would like to play with another girl, she must select that girl on her Registration and the other girl must do likewise. Non-Reciprocal Play-With Requests will be rejected. Multiple Play-With requests will be rejected. However, all efforts will be made to accommodate Reciprocal Play-With Requests. The only exception to this rule will be families that have more than two girls registered in Rookie Ball who may make multiple Reciprocal Play With requests provided they are with one another.

Skill Development and skill assessment: Prior to the commencement of the 2017 baseball season, likely the last week in April (exact date to be determined) the girls will have a skill development session at the Proteach Indoor Facility located at 25 Whitlam Avenue that is included in their registration fee. The session will be run by Proteach Instructors with the focus on proper throwing, catching, fielding, and batting. At this point in time, we will also evaluate and assess all the girls skill level so that every effort can be made to create teams that are even in skill for a more rewarding and fun season.  On Saturday April 30th, the Toronto Women’s Fusion team will run a free skill development for a morning or afternoon (times to be determined) to further develop the girls skills prior to the beginning of the season.

Picture Day: As part of the registration fee, individual and team photographs will be take during the first few weeks in May. A schedule will be provided by the photographer and will be part of the team schedule. Pictures usually take place at ProTeach.

All Star Game and Play-offs:  During the month of June there will be one scheduled All Star game that will call the best girls on each team to form two teams and have an All Star game.  It is meant to be fun-natured and will give the chance for girls to play with girls from some of the other teams.  The date is to be determined.

Play-offs will be held in the month of September with a round robin series that will follow a similar schedule of the games during May and June to determine the seeding. Championship and Consolation games to be held in the third or fourth weekend in September and trophies will be awarded at that time and pictures will be distributed.

Registration: Please register by March 15, 2016 to maximize the chances of ensuring a spot in the 2017 Girls Rookie Ball League!  It is going to be a great season and I look forward to being your convenor.

Thank you for your interest in RYBL and the Girls Rookie Ball.

Vinh Tran (