Boys Rookie Ball

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Rookie baseball is the first level where players receive a pitched ball from a controlled velocity pitching machine. Emphasis is placed on skills development (throwing, fielding, catching and hitting) as well as position play, baseball strategy, team play and FUN.

Season / Game Time

End of April to the end of June with playdowns in Sept. One game and one practice per week @ 6:00 pm. One game on Saturday morning.


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Schedule (2018 Schedule)


Please consider the information below closely, as it should provide some answers to your questions, and some additional information on RYBL’s Boys House League Rookie Ball Division for 2018.  Please note that this information is preliminary information, and may change based on final registration numbers and diamond allocations.

AGE GROUP – For 2018, Boys Rookie Ball will be for boys born in 2009 or 2010.  Boys older (e.g., 2008) play Mosquito or above.  Boys younger (e.g., 2011) play T-Ball or below.

HOUSE LEAGUE SEASON – The Boys Rookie Ball House League will have both a “Regular Season” and a “Fall Season” for 2018. Regular Season will start in the first week of May, and adjourn for the summer with final games and practices ending with the last week of June.  There will be no official schedule games or practices in the Summer months.  The Fall Season will begin on the Tuesday following Labour Day, and will conclude with a year-ending Playoff Tournament in the third and/or fourth weeks of September.

If interested in summer baseball, a summer instructional program will be offered by the Baseball Professionals at Pro Teach Basebal,  in conjunction with RYBL, at an additional cost.  Please see the following URL for further information on Summer programs:

EXPECTED SCHEDULE – During the Regular and Fall Season, there will be (1) one weekly scheduled practice (usually Monday, Tuesday, Friday or Saturday), (2) one weekday scheduled game (usually Wednesday or Thursday) and (3) one scheduled game each Saturday morning/early afternoon.  There may also be the possibility some Saturday doubleheaders, depending upon how your team’s schedule plays out.  Feel free to visit the following URL to view last year’s Rookie Ball schedule, which will be a good proxy for how things would look this year:

EXPECTED PRACTICES DAYS & PREFERENCES – Most practices are expected to be scheduled on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.  Some teams may practice on Saturdays prior to their Saturday morning game.  Once set, a Team’s practice date will remain constant throughout the season.  Practice duration will be approximately 1 hour to 1 ½ hours but will be at the discretion of the Coach.

PRACTICE DAY PREFERENCE – If you have a preference for a particular practice day (Monday, Tuesday, Friday or Saturday), please put that into the comments section of your registration.  Although it cannot be guaranteed, every effort will be made to accommodate your practice day preference, and there is usually enough flexibility in Team Assignments to provide players with preferred practice days.  However:  please note that “Practice Day Preference” will be given priority over “Play With” requests, and any other special requests.

EXPECTED GAME DAYS – Weekday games will be either Wednesday or Thursday, and will depend on the particular Team’s schedule.  (Unfortunately, there is no ability to pick “preferential game days”).  For the Regular Season, games will commence at 6:30 pm.  For the Fall Season, games will commence at either 5:30 pm or 6:00 pm depending on available daylight.  Saturday morning games will commence at 9:00 am, 10:00 am, 11:00 am or 1:00 pm, depending on the particular Team’s schedule.   Game duration will usually be approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes (contemplating a three inning game where everybody bats at least once per inning).

FIELD LOCATIONS – At present time it is anticipated that Boys Rookie Ball will play at one of five possible diamond locations:  Humber Valley North;  Norseman North;  Rosethorne South;  Westway;  Woodford/Jeff Healey; and Don Russell.   (Unfortunately, there is no ability to pick “preferential diamond locations”).

YEAR END CHAMPIONSHIPS – A Championship Tournament will be scheduled for dates and weekends to be determined in the third and fourth weeks of September.  It is expected that the Tournament and the Season will conclude by the last week of September 2018.

PRE-SEASON CLINICS – These will be scheduled and run at no additional cost by the Baseball Professionals at Pro Teach Baseball, and will likely be scheduled for the third or fourth weeks of April.  You will be given advance notice of this in approximately the second or third weeks of April.  There is also the possibility of in-Season Clinics.

PLAY-WITH REQUESTS – Please note that only “reciprocal” Play-With Requests will be considered, per the play-with policy on the RYBL Website. This means that if your son would like to play with another boy, he must select that boy on his Registration, and the other boy must also select your son on his Registration.  (Unfortunately “Non-Reciprocal” Play-With Requests will be rejected, and “Multiple” Play-With Requests will be rejected.  However, all efforts will be made to accommodate proper Reciprocal Play-With Requests.)

COACHING VOLUNTEERS – RYBL is the best youth baseball association in Etobicoke because of the dedication of its parent Coach volunteers.  Please consider expressing your interest in Coaching or assisting in your son’s registration application, as only through its many parental volunteers is this League capable of operation!

REGISTRATION – Please register by March 1, 2018 to maximize the chances of ensuring a spot in the 2018 Boys Rookie Ball House League, and taking advantage of all possible early-bird savings opportunities.

Thank you for your interest in RYBL, and in the Boys Rookie Ball Division for 2018!

Rob Kreklewetz
RYBL Boys Rookie Ball Convener, 2018